Minal Dhanak, Founder/President

Fundisha Afrika is Minal's vision. On an extended trip to Kenya, Minal saw the struggle some families put up with for basic education. The importance and power of education has always been engrained by her family, and she decided to take her values to a bigger scale. Minal currently resides in Los Angeles and works as a pediatric occupational therapist. Her happy place is airplanes and airports, and when she's not working with children or on the charity, she is searching for new travel destinations. 

Hedieh Neydawood, Chief Financial Officer

As a first generation Iranian American, Hedieh was taught from a young age to cherish education. She went on to become a Speech Language Pathologist and that love for learning and her desire to pass that on to others flourished. Now as a mother of 2 young children she feels honored to help provide an accessible education to the children of Africa.

Yati Bakrania, Secretary

Growing up, Yati loved reading; she felt that books were magical and powerful things.  She quickly learnt that knowledge gained from reading can change her world. She joined this organization to share her value and passion for reading/ education to help others change their world. Yati currently works as a Clinical Molecular Biologist in California, where she resides with her family and pet rabbit. 


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