When one of our founders was on an extended trip to Kenya, she was taken back by the difficulty that low income families face to balance providing meals to their children, as well as paying their school fees. Many children are pulled out of their schools because their parents are unable to pay the school fees. Unlike many Western countries, public education is not free in all of the African countries. 

According to a local newspaper The Daily Nation, (dated February 8th, 2017),  2.4 million Kenyans were reported to be illiterate. "The northeastern region has the highest number of uneducated residents, with 66 per cent not having completed primary school, followed by Coast with 57 per cent, western 53 percent, eastern 45 percent and Rift Valley at 42 per cent."


Growing up in Kenya, we are well aware of the the struggle many families experience when having to make ends meet. What started off as a small gesture to support a single individual led to a snow ball effect to find a way to support the community at large. 


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